Jason Wolff

Guitar and Vocals

Jason's first encounter with music was in his toddler years, while listening to the music and falling asleep in a camper outside whatever wedding or dance his Dad was playing at. In his teens, he picked up the guitar and started his own journey: participating in high school musicals and high school rock bands. He then decided to bring it to the next level. He went through the Grant MacEwan music program and then hit the road. He played the country circuit for awhile with bands such as Giant and Sharpshooter. He even created The Two Jakes Duo that still plays the odd gig today. The decision then came to raise a family, which got him out of the music business. Jason then got a call in 2006 to fill in for a night with The Prairie Rose Band. He stayed with them for 7 years and recorded one CD in 2011. Jason is now on another journey with some great friends in the 5 Star Band.