Berni Yakoweshen

Keyboad, Bass, and Vocals

Berni’s interest in music began at age 8 when she started taking accordion lessons. She studied for 5 years through the Royal Conservatory of Music with Stan Ostafie as her instructor. In grade 7, she decided to join the school band on the tenor saxophone and continued on through to grade 12.  Singing has always been a part of her life.  Being friends with Gloria Kaye, they usually pretended to be on stage singing. At age 14, Berni began to play with her father, Joe Hrycyk and The Starlites and played for 29 years. During this time, she was part of the back up band for the late Al Cherney during his concert tour in the Edmonton area. In June of 2004, Berni joined Ernie Shupenia and The Prairie Rose Band, and had a wonderful time for those 9 years. Presently, she plays the keyboard and sings with her husband Bruce in 5 Star. Berni loves to listen to music and takes pride in her Ukrainian Heritage. Being part of 5 Star has given her another exciting challenge of playing keyboard bass and singing with Jason and Ihor.