5 Star CD Cover

Message from Bruce Yakoweshen

     l'd like to thank my wonderful wife Berni for her faith and encouragement in me to start my own band. She believed in me right from the start and continues to support me in every way possible. To Jason, I thank you too for believing in me and for continuing on playing with Berni and me. I am not sure I could have done this without your support too, my friend. Finding two more musicians that I needed to make this band a success was not an easy task. I was very fortunate to find an amazing and talented violin player in Rod Olstad. Soon after came the very talented Ihor Nedoshytko on accordion and he also proved himself to be an excellent bass and guitar player as well. A huge thank you goes out to my special guests on this project. My cousin Marvin Yakoweshen on saxophone, my good friend Shawn Ostafie on dulcimer, and very special friend Mike Brazeau who played bass, guitar, and keyboard on a few tracks. Mike had the most patience I have ever seen in a recording engineer. Thank you so much, Mike, for a great job recording, mixing, and mastering this CD to make this project a success. 

Finally, to my three kids, Bobby, Teresa, and Tamara: I thank you so very much for the beautiful dedication to Mom on track 5, the song “Doroha Moya Mama”. 

I hope you enjoy the new sounds of the band in which we call 5 Star